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Employee Voice

Employee Voice
  • Quickly ingests large quantities of free form responses to simple questions posed to staff

  • Provides detailed insight into staff's lived experiences of working in the organization

  • Employs machine learning with an added human oversight component to ensure quality of reporting

  • Is ideal for periodic qualitative Pulse surveys between longer Employee Engagement surveys, such as IHL's OHFB

  • Delivers rapid assessment of changes that have been made as a result of the larger quantitative survey

Typical implementation asks questions similar to the following:

  1. Which factors are helping you to be motivated and effective in your current role and business area?

  2. Which factors prevent you from being motivated and effective in your current role and business area

Topic Report

Details Top 5 Helping Topics and Top 5 Restraining Topics identified by staff

For each Topic identified:

  1. Summary based upon employee statements 

  2. Set of typical example statements paraphrased to ensure consistency and maintain employee privacy

EV Topic Example.png
Work Climate Dimensions Report

Provides an analysis of staff responses by the 18 Job Demand-Resources work climate dimensions reported in IHL's OHFB survey. 

For each Dimension there is:

  1. Overall summary based upon employee statements 

  2. Summary of the major Helping and Restraining Topics related to the Dimension with a description of the reported comments

EV Dimensions Helping Factors.png
EV Dimensions Restraining Factors.png
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