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Corporate Transparency: Putting Human Factors into
Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Metrics

Measurement capabilities for the individual categories within the ESG framework have developed at different speeds. The climate-related Environmental components are not fully standardized after a decade of work. The industry and global standards bodies are still working to define what the Social category should measure.


The trajectory to standardization of business reporting has followed a common path:

Standardization path.png

The Organizational Human Factors Benchmark is a way, available today, for leading companies, impact investors and other financial service organizations to demonstrate an effective way to measure the impact of culture and structure on the ability of a company to scale in a sustainable manner. Quantification is critical and the OHFB provides metrics on:​

  • Predicted rate and cost of turnover

  • Predicted rate and cost of corporate citizenship behavior 

  • Predicted rate and cost of burnout and stress-related ill-health

  • All complete with analyses of the D|E|I impact

  • External comparisons with global norms

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