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Who We Are

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Dr. Nancy Post
Founder & CEO

Expert on How to Build and Use
Human Energy

How do individuals, teams and organizations build energy as they deal with change?  How can leaders stay healthy and lead in ways that are healthy for others?  How do leaders maximize their energy?  

Dr. Post has designed and implemented large numbers of organizational interventions in such industries as healthcare, financial services and technology. Currently, Dr Post is a Research Advisor to the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) as they build out the human factors elements of the WELL Health-Safety rating, a gold standard of measurement for Healthy Workplaces. She also served on their Covid-19 preparedness task force.

 She has held a variety of positions at the University of Pennsylvania: in the Master’s program in Organizational Dynamics where she taught change management and at the Wharton School Aresty Institute for Executive Education. She also taught at Temple University’s Executive MBA program where she created an Executive Health program called Bring Your Body to Work.

IIn addition to her role as CEO of IHL, she developed and delivers "The Business of Healthy Leadership", a program that can help organizations improve their health while helping achieve their business goals.

Chris is responsible for ensuring that IHL's clients benefit from end-to-end project management resulting in high response rates and focused, actionable reports tailored to their specific circumstances.

He brings more than 30 years management experience developing and scaling innovative technology services that address critical social and organizational issues. He has worked with Fortune 100 companies, international consortia, entrepreneurial ventures, regional and local non-profit organizations, and state and local government.

Prior to IHL, he was CEO of a public policy technology company that was a multiple year “Best for the World” certified B Corp. Earlier Chris spent 15 years with Sperry Univac/Unisys working in Europe, Asia,  the US and Canada rising to Vice President, Corporate Product Strategy and Integration.

Chris has a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in information technology and the sociology of change, from the University of Wolverhampton (U.K.).


Christopher Jacobs 
Managing Director

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Lisa MacVicar
Senior Consultant

Lisa is IHL's Canadian Lead and a senior consultant with specialties that include: Workplace productivity assessment; DEI assessment and intervention; Strategic planning and board development: and Workplace well-being.


She is a highly skilled, seasoned consultant whose commitment to workplace well-being and equity radiates into all her projects. Having worked for more than 30 years in Real Estate, Interior Design and Workplace Strategy, she brings an intersectional lens to uncover systemic barriers that may impede the development of her corporate clients. As a consultant, educator and coach, she then helps clients re-imagine future states that bring more energy to their organizations.


Lisa's deep curiosity about human well-being led her to become a yoga and meditation instructor as well as being a student of Ayurveda. She has certificates in Diversity and Inclusion, Anti-Racism, Psychological Safety in the Workplace and is also a Prosci certified change management practitioner. A faculty member for the International Well Build Institute (IWBI) and a WELL AP, she co-authored and published a groundbreaking paper on Workplace WELL being when she worked for Deloitte.




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After 35 years as a consultant, expert teacher, health practitioner and author, Dr. Post convened an advisory team in June 2019 to envision a more impactful future for her work. The team included current and past senior leaders in healthcare, financial services, global marketing, technology and human services as well as two students, one in business and one in industrial psychology.

The team launched The Institute for Healthy Leadership with the goal of inspiring greater health outcomes in organizations while pioneering advanced methods for achieving individual and system health.  For the rest of 2019, Dr. Post appeared at four conferences, where she delivered keynote speeches to a variety of audiences.  The series, named The Business of Healthy Leadership, showed how improved human health leads to positive financial organizational metrics as well as workplace satisfaction.

By late January 2020, it was clear that the global pandemic would soon occur, and the Institute paused to take notice of the impact of Covid-19 on companies, population health and the economy overall.  During this time, Dr. Post was in close contact with Dr. Ina Rothmann, Extraordinary Associate Professor of the WorkWell Research Unit at Northwest University in South Africa and Founder/Managing Director of Afriforte—Metrics that Matter.  Drs. Post and Rothmann believed that organizations would need both short term tactical help in responding to the pandemic and assistance pivoting their corporate strategies to achieve longer term health.


This led to IHL becoming the sole  licensee for the Ameriicas and Asis of Afriforte's world-class organizational health assessment tool, the Organizational Human Factors Benchmark (OHFB) system and its derivatives.


Our key partner is Afriforte—Metrics that Matter whose primary purpose is to convert human factor and workplace research efforts into practical management tools that enable businesses to successfully implement strategies that generate a more healthy and productive work environment. 

The OHFB workplace analytics system converts sophisticated statistical modelling into management language. It is the most advanced reporting system of its kind with practical applications that include: predicting outcomes, cost implications, finding trends and determining high impact interventions. 

It has been operational in Europe, Africa and the Middle East for more than a decade, resulting in a comparative database of over 1.2 million responses to the survey instrument. This enables the generation of a wide range of reports that provide both an internal comparison of departments and teams against the company-wide results and an external comparison against a set of worldwide norms.

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