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Employee Engagement and Wellbeing Measurement:
Organizational Human Factors Benchmark 

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Insightful Actionable Management Reports
  • Identifying causal factors of outcomes

  • Prioritizing the outcomes that are highest and poorest performing as seen by respondents

  • Providing the predicted financial cost of each such outcome enabling the calculation of a clear ROI for projected interventions

  • Enabling leaders to target interventions in order of urgency

  • Available as required at enterprise, division and department level

  • Reports are 14 - 20 pages, plus any appropriate and/or requested appendices

  • Analysis by

    • Geography, groups, teams, salary level, time in post and in the organization

    • Age, racial and gender identity, accesibility

Individual Respondent Report

All respondents receive a confidential personal report immediately upon completing the survey that shows  them  with their own level of:

  • Work-related burnout

  • Distraction

  • Work engagement

  • (Over) Commitment.​

Where the system identifies a respondent as being in critical probability of burnout or stress-related ill-health, they are offered the opportunity for an individual consultation with an appropriate advisor. No one other than this advisor will see the individual's report and then ONLY IF the respondent agrees to the session with the advisor.

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