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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Are you looking for a scientific, data-driven view of how all your staff and management experience the organization and its workplace practices and culture?

Not an issue, but it would be a useful byproduct of checking on possible future health problems, like burnout?​

All of the workplace factors and staff outcomes that IHL's surveys measure can be analyzed by

  • Racial/tribal identity

  • Gender identity

  • Neurodiversity

  • Age and time in the organization

  • Location

These are not optional add-ons
but core features of our reporting

D|E|I work deserves excellent, systematic diagnostic analytics so that the whole system becomes more equitable, inclusive and diverse. Programmatic fixes alone can be but band-aids.

"This comprehensive approach shows leaders how stress and DEI go
Up to now, we've been using firecrackers for DEI work;
this is a nuclear bomb!"

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"What does our system need to change? In what priority order? What's the impact of our organization's culture on our diverse staff? How do we best identify and support our employees?"

Dr. Portia Hunt,

D|E|I Expert

Dr. Nancy Post

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