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Measuring Human Energy in the Workplace

Based upon an enhanced version of the highly-regarded Job Demands-Resources (JD-R) model of organizational behavior, IHL's surveys focus upon balancing work-related energy and work engagement and organizational identification in order to promote sustainable corporate culture and positive human capital management.


We deliver costed predicted Organizational and Individual Outcomes that provide both an internal comparison of departments and teams against the company-wide results and an external comparison against a set of worldwide norms. 

In the summary below, items marked "+" are capabilities not found in comparable organizational or health-related surveys.

Organizational Outcomes:

  • Turnover/retention

  • Productivity

  • Engagement

  +   Corporate citizenship behavior

Individual Outcomes:

  • Repetitive strain & computer-related injury

  • Chronic physical conditions

  +   Burnout & stress-related ill-health

  +   Work-home impact

  +   Work-from-home & hybrid working

Organizational Human Factors Benchmark (OHFB) adds measurement of:

  Workplace engagement and culture

  Workload and pace of work

  Supervisor and colleague support

  Remuneration and job fit

  Role and responsibility clarity

  Communication and management style

  Work-related emotional load

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Pulse Studies

middle aged woman with diverse staff group1322060147.jpg

Employee Effectiveness Benchmark

Engineers and Businesspeople.jpg

Organizational Human Factors Benchmark

Custom Implementation Planning and Support

Beyond our support for setting up, administering and delivering insightful analyses of the responses to the surveys, IHL can provide:

  • Assistance with group and individual feedback sessions

  • Detailed implementation planning at enterprise, division and location levels

  • Direct assistance with execution of the implementation plans

  • Strategic planning

  • Senior executive and management coaching

Are You Ready?

To learn how  you can drive key organizational changes that improve health, equity, productivity,
retention and performance?

For an assessment of your organization's readiness to undertake these changes?

​Our half-day training and assessment session will tell you

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