Organizational Human Factors Benchmark


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Organizational Factors That Affect Health    and Productivity
  • Workplace engagement and culture

  • Workload and pace of work

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Supervisor and colleague support

  • Remuneration and job fit

  • Role and responsibility clarity

  • Communication and management style

  • Work-related emotional load

Individual Respondent
  • Degree of stress and burnout

  • Counseling referrals where required

Fully Customizable Reports
  • By number of respondents, geography, groups, departments, teams

  • Extensive analyses by age, racial and/or gender identity, position in the organization and salary level


  • Provides predicted financial ROI for change management interventions
    (See example below)

  • Shows negative and positive aspects of work-related well-being

  • Prioritizes causal factors enabling leaders to target interventions in order of urgency

  • Based upon a comprehensive scientific organizational development model:
    Job Demands-Resources (JD-R)

  • Extensive research base of over 1.5 million respondents enables external as well as internal benchmarking

Predicted Financial ROI of Job-Fit Intervention

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