Keeping Leaders Healthy

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Leader Well-Being

You are a leader. Your energy and well-being effects your organization and your work impacts you.  Get expert help maximizing your wellbeing as you work.

Dr. Post creates a customized action plan and provides support as you implement ways to be the best you can be.

Learn how to link your well being to major organizational initiatives, such as employee engagement, DEI, strategic planning and change management.

Individual Assessment and Coaching

1.  Assessment

  • Start with a professional assessment of your energy.  This includes a thorough review of all the factors that add or deplete your energy: current work situation, work history, current health, health history, medical records, genetics, current activities outside of work, relationships with family, significant affiliations, exercise habits, diet, supplements and medicines

  • On the professional side, we may review employee feedback, peer feedback and performance reviews

  • On the personal side we may review medical records or psychological and preference reports that you provide

2.  Design Plan to Improve Energy

  • Looking at all the information, Dr. Post creates a personalized energy plan with two-part focus: your energy at work, and your personal energy

  • Specific recommendations are made in both arenas

3.  Implement Plan, Monitor Results, Modify Plan

  • Dr. Post coaches you through the implementation of your plan on a regular basis and may provide direct clinical or organizational support as part of the package