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We Help You Answer Key Questions

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Organizational Human Factors Benchmark (OHFB)

How can we:

  • Transform our workplace while enhancing workforce resilience?

  • Use scientifically-derived information to identify organizational changes with greatest financial ROI?

  • Manage staff engagement, talent retention and high performance while ensuring staff well-being?

  • Measure DEI and other equity issues so we can plan for impactful change?

Organizational Stress Assessment (OSA)
  • What are the personal and work-related stress levels of our staff?

  • How is that impacting productivity and retention levels in different parts of the organization?

  • How does that compare with other organizations?

Healthy Leadership Advice


  • What is the impact of my work on my health?

  • How does my health impact my leadership?

  • What are most effective ways to keep everyone's energy at its best?

  • How can I leverage my role as a leader to impact systemic health?

Are You Ready?

  • To learn how  you can drive key organizational changes that increase health, productivity and performance?

  • For an assessment of your organization's readiness to undertake these changes?

​Our half-day training and assessment session will tell you.​


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Custom Implementation Planning and Support

Beyond our support for setting up, administering and delivering insightful analyses of the responses to the surveys, IHL can provide:

  • Assistance with group and individual feedback sessions

  • Detailed implementation planning at enterprise, division and location levels

  • Direct assistance with execution of the implementation plans

  • Strategic planning

  • Senior executive and management coaching

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